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Everguard surface set in a mall


Everguard Poured-In-Place Safety Surfaces are forgiving and resilient, yet tough enough to withstand the most demanding playground enthusiast. Click on any of the applications listed along the left side of the page to view the product in greater detail. Everguard uses 100% recycled materials for its cushion course and pure EPDM rubber on the top course, available in a dozen colors. The materials are environmentally friendly, for use indoors and out. Everguard Safety Surfaces can be applied to a variety of existing surfaces, hard or loose.

Click on one of these three categories to read information specific to your involvement. 1. Kids, 2. Parents & Administrators, or 3. Architects.

Kids love Everguard Safety Surfaces because they are fun to play on, Administrators, Contractors and Parents love them for their practicality and safety and Architects enjoy working with us because we are experienced, communicable and technically sound. Everguard Poured-In-Place Safety Surfaces are designed to offer the following benefits:

  • Little to no maintenance
  • Enhanced aesthetic and design freedom
  • Environmentally Sound
  • No puddling
  • No mechanical fasteners or seems
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Customizable for installation over hard or loose surfaces
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